Expatriating an employee and family is a costly and involved decision for any organization. However, it is even more costly to prematurely repatriate an employee due to transitional stresses on spouses and their children.

How do you keep your employees abroad? How do you keep his/her family happy? What are some issues HR should know about transition? What should every employee know about cross-cultural relocation?

Libby Stephens answers these questions in either general practical or country specific transition seminars geared towards HR/relocation departments or transitioning employees.

Here is a sampling of training sessions used to support organizations and their employees (& families!) in transition:

  • Understanding the basics of culture
  • Cross-cultural communication
  • Developing an onsite orientation program
  • Finding the right school for your children
  • All boarding schools are not created equal
  • Leaving right. Beyond packing boxes
  • I think I am going crazy. The first 3 months
  • Turning cultural bumps and clashes into teachable moments
  • Transition: Normalizing the process
  • Being an expat and how to live as a foreigner
  • What am I doing to my children?  My child is becoming what?
  • The “Accompanying Spouse” not the “Trailing Spouse”
  • Forever changed. Repatriating
  • See full list of training topics here!

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