Libby has had the pleasure of helping schools take care of their Third Culture Kids for 25 years! Here are some of the seminars she delivers regularly to schools around the world:

  • Teaching Third Culture Kids - is it so different?
  • The multi-cultural classroom
  • Integrating the new student and family to your school
  • Maximizing the TCK school
  • Dreaming global for your students
  • Developing a pre-departure strategy for your school
  • Preparing seniors for leaving the TCK school
  • See full list of training topics here!

If your school would like to schedule a speaking appointment, simply fill out the ‘Book Libby’ form!

Blog Headlines

13 October 2011Those Mid-October Blues

Hey friends, it’s Cami here and it’s almost the middle of October! The thought of that makes me shudder. That’s not because the weather is...

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01 September 2011Global-Minded Education: A New Currency for the 21st Century

It was a busy week. After several domestic flights this week, I was on my way to South Korea. It was busy in my brain as well. One of my trips...

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02 March 2011Why Traditions are Critical in TCK Schools

Celebrating traditions is very important in the TCK school.  Why are traditions so important? And who are they important to? Here are some...

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29 November 2010Beautifully international schools

The international school takes pride in the number of nationalities enrolled. That number is usually listed on the website. The school profile...

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03 August 2010Helping your students bridge the gap

I had an interesting conversation with a TCK university student the other day. She was reflecting on her first days in an American school. She...

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