Trainings by Libby Stephens

Libby has given a number of seminars, talks and workshops designed to humanize the transition experience and equip individuals, families and organizations to understand and yes, survive and thrive in transition. Here is a sampling of trainings she has delivered in the past years. Please note that Libby regularly designs and delivers company and school specific workshops too.


General transition training

  • Pre-departure training
  • Transition Training
  • Repatriation issues
  • Cross-cultural theory and issues
  • Pre-departure seminars for seniors
  • Issues of the Third Culture


On the Third Culture Kid

  • The Third Culture Kid. The world citizen
  • Living as a TCK in a mono-cultural world
  • Good Grief or Bad Grief? There is no such thing as no grief
  • Relationships, the key to belonging
  • Where in the world are the “who are you from” from?
  • Understanding your temperament…it’s not always a TCK issue
  • Using the media or being trapped by it
  • “Placeless” does not mean “ homeless”


For Organizations

  • Understanding the basics of culture
  • Cross-cultural communication
  • Developing an onsite orientation program
  • Finding the right school for your children
  • All boarding schools are not created equal
  • Leaving right. Beyond packing boxes
  • I think I am going crazy. The first 3 months
  • Turning cultural bumps and clashes into teachable moments
  • Transition: Normalizing the process
  • Being an expat and how to live as a foreigner
  • What am I doing to my children?  My child is becoming what?
  • The “Accompanying Spouse” not the “Trailing Spouse”
  • Forever changed. Repatriating


For Schools

  • Teaching Third Culture Kids - is it so different?
  • The multi-cultural classroom
  • Integrating the new student and family to your school
  • Maximizing the TCK school
  • Dreaming global for your students
  • Developing a pre-departure strategy for your school
  • Preparing seniors for leaving the TCK school


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