Libby Stephens is a passionate advocate of individuals facing cross-cultural transition. She is committed to using her expertise in supporting organizations and schools, and empowering individuals worldwide. Libby humanizes the cross-cultural transition experience through public speaking, training and writing.

Libby’s specialties include Pre-departure training, Transition & Relocation guidance, Transition debriefing, Third Culture Kid (TCK) issues related to organizations, families and their children.

Are you interested in transition information for an organization, a TCK or a school?

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14 October 2013Where Am I?

Today's fantastic blog post is a guest post courageously written by Third Culture Kid, Sabrina Omar. We are reposting her piece unaltered, just as...

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01 August 2013Home: "the place where you become yourself"

 I posted this fantastic TED talk by Third Culture Kid author Pico Iyer the other day to my Facebook wall. Some TED talks are really that good,...

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15 April 2013A Creative Third Culture!

Third Culture Kids are well-known for their creativity in literature, art, music and film (as I pointed out in a recent blog post). Whether...

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28 November 20124 Third Culture Kid Films Worth Your Time

Third Culture Kids (TCKs) are no longer a marginal culture. We’ve known this for a long time now. Once known almost as an oddity, today, TCKs are...

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15 June 2012TCK and Pregnant: Facing the Tension

When I returned to my passport culture a few years back, I was forced to face my webbed closet of pent up prejudices and questions surrounding...

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